We can turn each of your spaces unique and special. We have the right texture for it.

We have

high quality, professional texture service:

Other Services:

Exterior Painting

We never tire of painting the exterior of homes and businesses. Nothing welcomes family and friends and clients like a fresh coat of paint.

  • ​​Sand Texture
  • Orange Peel
  • Popcorn
  • Knockdown​

Interior Painting

We love to work with your existing vision to make every room convey the mood and emotion you want for that particular space.


  • Pressure Washing: 
        - Decks
        - Porches
        - Basements
        - Other spaces   

John Randy's Painting

  • Floor Installation: 
    - Vinyl

        - Tile
        - Backsplash
        - Wood Baseboards 
  • Repairs and Construction:
    - Drywall

        - Porches
        - Pergolas
        - Furniture
        - Wood Cabinets